• Meet Billy Lime…

    Australia's new crime solving anti-hero

  • Time to turn up the volume

    Music promoter Billy Lime is in trouble.

    The tour of rock legends, The Pagan Virtue, is the biggest in music history. Their concerts in Australia should be a career highlight if Billy can keep the warring musicians off the drugs, out of the bars and on the stage.

    When lead singer Jet Kelly is poisoned, Billy's world starts to crumble.

    Motorcycle gang the White Sharks has stashed $100 million of cocaine inside the band equipment bound for Sydney, and the cops mark Billy as a killer and drug runner.

    How will Billy Lime keep the show on the road . . .

  • Who is Billy Lime?

    Fiction's new anti-hero 

  • BILLY Lime is a charismatic icon of rock music whose world view and values have been shaped by a cut-throat industry, love of the underdog and the discipline of martial arts.


    He’s a promoter, an impresario, a risk-taker, making fortunes fast and losing them just as quickly. Everything in his life is extravagant – penthouse, Lamborghini, motorbikes and women.


    He throws outrageous parties for society’s elite, promotes the best acts from around the world – plies both with booze and prostitutes as part of his "vertically integrated" business model – and raises millions for charity.


    His peers respect him but few have escaped his tough negotiation tactics. Women love him, not just for his success and reputation for a great time, but his rebel attitude and knuckle-biting figure he cuts in jeans and a leather jacket.


    Billy began as a promoter of amateur boxing tournaments and soon began bank-rolling young bands in Sydney, then London and Los Angeles, including the then-little known American bad-boys, The Pagans of Virtue. He became their manager and turned them into a rock legend. In 2010, Billy quit as their manager to return to Australia, finalise a divorce and spend more time with his daughter Rebecca. In Sydney, he set up LimeGreen Music, an entertainment and band management company, with his best mate from school, Simon Green.

    The Billy Lime novels follow Billy's adventures in sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll and the criminal underworld.

  • What readers say about Billy Lime

    Amazon Reviews from Australia, UK and USA

    Hollywood should sign Lime up

    Does it get any better than this? Bikies, drugs, rock 'n' roll and a parade of truly authentic modern Australian characters makes this a real page-turner. And Billy Lime is sublime. Hollands has put together a complicated man and a fascinating narrative that deserves a long-running series - and if Hollywood hasn't come looking already to sign Billy Lime up, it soon will. It's like reading a book with a fast, grinding guitar soundtrack in the background. Fast, tight and guaranteed to get your pulse racing. Well worth the ticket.

    - Garry Linnell, Sydney

    You'll want to take up booze, drugs and babes

    With a cover tagline that screams ‘sex, drugs, rock’n’roll - and murder’, it’s immediately clear that Mark Hollands has no intention of allowing readers to slip into a boredom-induced coma.

    The first of what will hopefully be many Billy Lime offerings, Amplify is a fast-paced, adrenalin-charged read that lays its cards on the table at the very outset. Featuring protagonists including ruthless outlaw bikers and a band of substance-fuelled Motley Crue-esque rock superstars, this debut offering motors along at a frenetic pace thanks to punchy prose that drives the narrative with page-turning ferocity.

    In beleaguered music promoter Billy Lime, the author presents an unlikely but equally compelling hero figure. Dark, edgy, and morally dubious, he lives in the kind of world we perhaps secretly wished we inhabited, all the while being secretly glad that we don’t.

    Although far more than a mouth-watering insight into the mind-blowing excess, debauchery and bitchiness of rock’n’roll at its most elite, don’t be surprised to find yourself suppressing the urge to take up booze, drugs and babes (or even the guitar) by the end.

    It’s well worth a look.

    - Owen Thomson, Wollongong

    Fast and furious - an Aussie ripper

    If you like your stories fast and furious, AMPLIFY is a real Aussie ‘ripper’ to keep you entertained at full volume from cover to cover.
    From the page-one moment tax inspectors blunder into a Sydney brothel, super-hero Billy Lime’s charmed life explodes into an orgy of violence, drink, cocaine and 'shagging'.
    In keeping with the best tabloid newspaper tradition, the title headline says it all: “SEX, DRUGS, ROCK ‘N ROLL – AND MURDER” .
    Former hack Mark Hollands has crafted a racy tale that leaps from Australia to the United States and leaves behind a trail of corpses.
    As events quickly spiral out of control, pop music impresario Lime is forced into deadly dances with bikie gang thugs, a drugs cartel and one of its top assassins, while managing the addictive antics of what might have been the world’s best hard rock band.
    Even his own top silk is suspect and Lime has to outfox the local police’s finest gumshoes.
    Hollands' first novel certainly packs a punch, just like Lime who’s smart, rich and doesn’t seem to give a s***, until the tragic finale perfectly sets up a second Billy Lime Thriller.
    - Barry Parker, Sydney

    A memorable anti-hero

    Mark Holland’s debut novel is a stunning thriller with a memorable anti-hero. Like all the best thrillers it grabs from the opening pages. The story is dark and brooding with intense sex and equally intense violence. The story concludes with unfinished business and an obvious opportunity for a sequel, which I shall look forward to.

    - Phillip Tolley, United Kingdom

    Billy is The Bomb

    Billy Lime is the bomb. He out-thinks Sherlock, out-guns Bond and creates a new definition for cool."

    - Chris Pash, Sydney

    Ticks all the boxes

    As a lover of crime novels, ‘Amplify’ ticks all my boxes. With a thoroughly modern setting, sexy characters and a multi faceted plot, there is nothing about this book that will allow it to be put down. Fast paced and deliciously intriguing, I finished it desperate to read the next installment.

    - Emma Cary, Melbourne

    Hollands is making headlines

    "Hollands learnt his craft in newspapers. Amplify will mean he makes headlines himself."

    - Doug Wills, United Kingdom

    Authentic and fallible characters

    The characters are larger than life and that's part of the fun. They also felt fallible, like real people. I loved the Australian language that came out and also the location placing grounded the book and made it feel real - gave it authenticity. Loved the police characters and the barrister. I can definitely see at least two more books in this series. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. 

    - Samantha Cager, Sydney

    It's a page turner

    I finished the book in short order. It's certainly a page turner. I really enjoy unstoppable heroes, so Billy was a good character for me.

    Being a Sydney-ite, I both really enjoyed the local references; streets, watering holes. I was always curious as to "what's next for Billy Lime"?

    - Roger Hocking, Sydney

    You'll love the bad boy in Billy

    Live the rock star life vicariously through Billy Lime.

    From the first page, you're addicted to the sex, drugs and rock n roll life. Amplify is a sexy page turner on the seedy side of the music industry that keeps you engaged and wanting more.

    The Aussie charm make you love the bad boy in Billy while he slithers through the underbelly of the music scene and everything that comes with it. Men want to be Billy, women want to be with him…

    - Maria Terrell, Dallas, USA

    Roll on book 2!

    I found this a rip-roaring read. Kind of John Grisham meets Clive Cussler meets Miami Vice. Thoroughly enjoyable, I read it in one hit. Roll on Book 2…

    - Charlie Duffill, Sydney

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  • Media Coverage


    A crime thriller set in the seedy world of the rock music business has been released by first-time novelist and long-time media executive, Mark Hollands.


    What kind of books do you write?

    Thrillers. Mine are focused on a central character, Billy Lime, who is a music promoter and entrepreneur. The first and coming novels are anchored in the music industry, which is undergoing tremendous change and challenge because of digital disruption. It has all the double-crossing bastardry and scheming that you’d expect in the entertainment industry. 

    Australian Crime Writers Association

    Music promoter Billy Lime is in trouble.

    The tour of rock legends, The Pagan Virtue, is the biggest in music history. Their concerts in Australia should be a career highlight if Billy can keep the warring musicians off the drugs, out of the bars and on the stage.


    At $4.19 for the kindle edition, it's questionable how much Mark Hollands will make from his crime thriller. But it could win him a series deal.

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