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Billy Lime: Music's

crime busting bad boy 

An exciting new thriller series

Sex, drugs, rock ’n’ roll – and murder. Exciting new crime genre launches
A crime thriller set in the seedy world of the rock music business has been released by first-time novelist and long-time media executive, Mark Hollands.
Amplify : A Billy LIme Thriller by Mark Hollands
His novel, Amplify, released on Kindle on November 1, introduces anti-hero Billy Lime, an entertainment entrepreneur who risks losing everything when the lead singer of a band he’s promoting is murdered.
Set in Sydney, Amplify explores the glitz of the city’s clubs and pubs, and the dark side of its excessive behaviour.
Billy Lime must save the tour and find the killer to clear his name.
Hollands said: “I wanted to create a hard-edged, Australian anti-hero that lovers of crime thrillers anywhere in the world can relate to.
Amplify is the first in a series of Billy Lime adventures. It is set in the present day and anchored in the music industry rather than a city or region.
“The rock business delivers a fascinating and contemporary social commentary on the changes we are all experiencing in the digital content revolution. It’s great to allow the real world to intersect with a plot that twists and turns with each chapter.”
Amplify is a fierce page-turner, edited by Miles Franklin winner Tom Flood.
Hollands was a long-time journalist with News Corp and is currently Chief Executive of the industry body, The Newspaper Works.

Amplify: A Billy Lime Thriller is available for Kindle and e-Readers from Amazon from November 1, 2015.

For more details, see the website: or order direct from AmazonKindle.
Mark Hollands is available for interview.
For further information, please contact:

Mark Hollands
0410 317 443
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