• Looking for a good book for your book club?

    Music, drugs, sex and rock'n'roll

    Make Amplify your Book Club 'Guilty Pleasure' read this month with this great 4-for-3 offer + Bonus Author Meetup

  • The joy of a 'guilty pleasure' with serious street cred

    Sometimes everyone is at pains to finish the Book Club selection by the end of the month, especially when the books are deeply serious and intellectual.

    So why not be really smart and go for a change of pace?


    There really is nothing like a 'guilty pleasure read' to get everyone at Book Club fired up with a rollicking romp that includes sex, drugs and rock 'n roll.

    Sometimes it's fun to polish off a book in a few days and still have a robust discussion about how successful the author was at transporting you to somewhere else.


    Be your book club anti-intellectual hero and everyone will secretly love you for it!

    Amplify – A Synopsis

    Stage dive into the first adventure of Billy Lime, music’s hardcore bad boy.

    In Amplify, the tour of rock legends, The Pagan Virtue, is the biggest in music history. Their concerts in Australia should be a career highlight if Billy can keep the warring musicians off the drugs, out of the bars and on the stage.

    But Billy’s world starts to crumble when the lead singer is poisoned and he’s framed for running drugs in the band equipment.

    Find out why Amplify is “fast, tight, and guaranteed to get your pulse racing,” with 4.8 stars on Amazon..

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  • 4 ways Amplify will rock your Book Club

    Buy copies for your book club and get a Skype hookup with Mark!

    Readers love Billy Lime

    To date, Amplify has garnered over 38 five-star reviews on Amazon internationally through US, UK and Australian sites. Send anyone to the Australian site reviews if they protest your book choice.

    Short-listed for the Ned Kelly's

    Amplify is the first self-published book to be a finalist in the prestigious Australian Crime Writer Awards - the Ned Kellys. It was shortlisted as Best New Crime Fiction.

    Are you part of Billy's world?

    There are loads of iconic Sydney venues referenced in Amplify. A couple are salubrious and the others are old-school music and indie favourites.

    Start a Book Club conversation for the night around "I've been there and…". Could make for a really interesting topic with a few rock 'n' roll skeletons revealed!

    Next adventure?

    Mark is currently working on the next Billy Lime thriller in the series. Expected publication: Early 2018
    Location: Los Angeles
    Title: TBA

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